White Wolf Dental Cosmetic Fillings

Why the need for Cosmetic Fillings?

Fillings are needed when there is decay in a tooth. Decay happens when bacteria starts to eat away at the dentin (inside wall) of  the tooth. It creates an area that needs to be cleaned out and re-filled. This material is inserted into the tooth where it then helps prevents the further spread of decay. There are two types of fillings that can be done; White (tooth colored) fillings and traditional amalgam fillings.

Amalgam fillings PROS

  • Less expensive
  • Faster & easier to place than white fillings
  • Stronger material, but tends to weaken the tooth

Amalgam fillings CONS

  • Silver weakens the teeth, makes them more likely to break
  • More noticeable than white fillings
  • Teeth tend to be more sensitive to hot & cold
  • Some would say Mercury is Toxic
  • M0re tooth structure has to be taken away with silver fillings.

White (composite) fillings PROS

  • Natural looking! 
  • No use of mercury! So safer
  • We match your shade!
  • Size of the hole made for composites are smaller than for amalgams

White (composite) fillings CONS

  • They are longer to fill due to the specific bonding technique required
  • Insurance companies consider it cosmetic and therefore only pay the equivalent of a silver filling
  • Wear out quicker in larger fillings

Can you get a composite filling?

It’s very possible, contact us today so we can find out!

Replacing Amalgam fillings with composite fillings

Because silver was the preferred material for fillings for years, a lot of patients nowadays want to get them replaced with less visible composite fillings. Your dentist will evaluate the teeth in question first to be sure a composite filling can be done. The procedure is simple. First we remove the silver fillings, then the filling is replaced with a new composite/resin filling.

Expectations / Longevity

You can expect a one appointment visit. Typically longer than other filling appointments since the bonding sequence is technique sensitive. You can expect to help us select a shade that is right for you. You can expect this filling to possibly stain over time.  Composite fillings are expected to last 3 years or more. It does depend on the situation.


Contact us or Request an Appointment today so we can talk about Cosmetic fillings.