White Wolf dental Bonding

Bonding Restoration

Bonding is a technique that involves the use of a plastic-like material known as Resin. Dental bonding allows the doctor to make changes in as little as one appointment.

Bonding PROS

  • Finished result in usually one appointment
  • Least expensive of  Cosmetic procedures
  • Unless bonding is done to fill a cavity, it usually can be done with no anesthetic
  • Unlike crowns & veneers, the least amount of enamel is removed

Bonding CONS

  • Bondings tend to stain over time.  
  • It’s harder to get that glossy shine like crowns have
  • The material is not as hard as other materials, so you have to be very extra careful of the foods you eat
  • Bondings tend to break easier
  • Bondings don’t last forever. They will need to be redone


Typically, dental bonding is done in one visit. You can expect to help us select the ideal shade that is right for you. You can expect to leave with your spaces filled, chips fixed and a smile that works for you!

Bonding Longevity

Although bonding is considered as a definitive (permanent) restoration, it does  not last a lifetime. In many cases, dental bonding can last up to 5 years without being redone. Some last even longer! Some don’t last longer than a year or two. It is all case-by-case. If you are a grinder or clencher, you may be more likely to knock the bonding off. If you are a smoker, tea or coffee drinker, yours may stain more easily and the dental bonding may need to be re-done sooner.


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