CEREC© by Sirona

CEREC© by Sirona Dental Systems is the most researched and proven system for making crowns in one visit, and our office is one of the most experienced providers in the Port Orange, Daytona and New Smyrna Beach area, having used it since 2007.

Why choose CEREC© One Visit Crowns?

CEREC© computer aided crown fabrication allows us to save more of your healthy tooth than other techniques such as traditional crowns.  We can create a custom milled, precision high strength porcelain piece, that preserves the parts of your tooth that are still strong.  Then we bond it into place, and make a beautiful, and conservative restoration.  Just another example of how White Wolf Dental has invested in the technology to help you get the best result available today!

Single Appointment Dental Care

Usually getting a crown means two visits to the dentist – two hunks of time out of your day, possibly two shots of anesthetic an a few weeks of wearing a temporary crown that may or may not stay on!  With CEREC© we can prepare the tooth, create the crown and cement it in one visit!   We can choose from several types of CEREC© materials, to choose the right one for you, of course in many shades to blend in with your own teeth. And you get to watch as we design and mill the crown! We are in control of the final product and can make any necessary changes right there.

Is CEREC© right for all crowns?

No! As convenient and wonderful as CEREC© is, there are places where laboratory fabricated crowns are the best.  If you need more than two crowns, for example, the appointment can become rather long.  Certainly cases where we are changing your smile with 6-12 crowns are much more conveniently done with lab crowns and custom temporaries.  And there are situations where the camera needed to take the impression cannot be angled properly due to limited mouth opening, or where special super high strength porcelains are needed to prevent fractures.  These must be made in a lab.

But at White Wolf Dental, you have options.  And we can chose from all the current technologies to select the best one for you!

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