Port Orange Dental Exam

Having regular dental exams are just one of the procedures that we do at White Wolf Dental to prevent issues from arising. Exams allow our dental team to detect and address issues at at an early stage. Most indiviuals need an exam every 12 months. More frequent visits may be recommended, but this is dependent on the individual needs of the patient. Contact us today to get back on track.

Why do I need dental exams?

You may ask why do I need an exam, especially if I am not having any pain or problems. Our doctors believe early detection and treatment, by doing routine dental examinations, are the main keys to prevention. If left untreated, dental problems tend to get worse, and they usually never get better if left alone. Take for instance, if you have a small cavity in your tooth that is causing no discomfort. If left undetected at an early stage, the cavity can become larger causing damage to healthy tooth structure and leading to more costly treatment.

What happens during a routine dental exam?

In most cases a dental cleaning and the dental exam are scheduled during the same appointment. As a standard of care with all of our patients we take your blood pressure. Many patients are unaware that they have an ongoing issue with their blood pressure. We care about the health and well-being of our patients and we not only want a healthy mouth, but a healthy heart. First, x-rays are taken and they are thoroughly reviewed in detail by our doctors. One of our dental hygienist will thoroughly clean your teeth before the dentist does is comprehensive exam. Once in the mouth, the dentist will do a visual inspection with an explorer and mirror. This detailed dental examination includes a soft tissue exam, an oral cancer exam, head and neck exam, and cavity detection. With all of our dental examinations we will also go over oral hygiene instructions and nutritional counseling if needed. Any treatment needed will be documented in the chart and explained in full detail.

How often do I need exams?

Florida State Law requires an exam every 13 months. There are exceptions to that rule when an individual may need to be examined by the doctor more frequently. If you are prone to decay, have a tendency to buildup more calculus (tarter), or have periodontitis (gum disease) you are an exception to this rule. Of course, the dentist will determine this on an individual basis.

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