Port Orange Oral Sedation

What is it?

Oral “Conscious” Sedation is the most commonly used form of sedation at our practice. With this type of sedation, you are given pills that help you relax. During the PRE SEDATION appointment, the doctor will determine which medications are best suited for you and select the medications that will give you the optimal results.  It is important to realize that our goal with Oral Conscious Sedation is to get you relaxed & comfortable. Our goal is NOT to get you “knocked out”. Most patients  doze off but are able to respond when the doctor asks a question. Most healthy adults sedate very well with this type of sedation.

Is Oral Sedation for me?

If you have a high anxiety level, but money is a concern, Oral Conscious sedation is an affordable option for you.  With OCS, you are able to get as little or as much done in one visit.  The medications that are given have an amnesic effect. This allows for little to no memory of the appointment.  Oral Conscious Sedation is for you if you have an anxiety about getting treatment done. You do have to have a driver because the medications will not be out of your system.


  • Expect to respond to your dentist when asked questions. DO NOT expect to be completely asleep
  • Expect to have a driver accompany you (they do not need to stay, but they will have to pick you back up)
  • Expect to not be completely sedated when you first walk in. The meds we give you for the night before are intended for you to rest better. Additional meds are given upon your arrival.
  • Expect to feel “groggy” when the appointment ends, you may go home and go straight to sleep
  • Expect to have little to no memory of the appointment
  • Expect the team to monitor your vitals & oxygen levels
  • Expect yourself to feel relaxed and comfortable


We have had much success with Oral Conscious sedation. Just when you think you won’t be able to get comfortable, you do.

Contact us or Request an Appointment today, Oral sedation may be the best option for you.