Why Choose White Wolf for Your Dentures?

The short answer: Because we care.

Our top priority is to deliver a great experience for every patient, both in our office and in using the dentures we produce. The denture process can be difficult for both dentists and patients. Dentures require a high level of skill and experience to be done correctly. Our doctors have produced thousands of dentures over the last 20 years and we are now incorporating the latest digital technology to make the process easier and more predictable. With digital dentures, the fit is more accurate, the number of appointments is minimized and there is reduced time in between appointments.

Traditional techniques require many appointments and have built in inaccuracies due to using goopy molding compounds, stone, and other materials. By capturing much of the information in a digital format, we are able to produce a highly accurate replica of your mouth that minimizes issues with fitment.

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Hear from a real patient about the benefits of our dentures.

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Superior Strength

White Wolf Dental premium dentures are made to last.

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Advanced Technology

We use the latest technology to deliver superior results.

What Are Digital Dentures?

Digital dentures are really a process. We use the latest 3D scanning technology to create a digital high-resolution model your mouth. We then use all that data to create a denture that is precisely fitted to you. This gives your new smile the best possible levels of comfort, function, and beauty.

Digital Dentures from White Wolf Dental in Port Orange, FL

Frequently Asked Questions

Why might I need dentures?2020-08-30T14:58:20-04:00

If you are missing teeth, dentures can be very important. Dentures can help with chewing. Dentures also help with faces that have sunk in from not having any teeth. Dentures help you to pronounce words better too!

What should I expect from my dentures?2020-08-30T15:23:07-04:00
  • Expect to come in for several adjustments once you get a new partial or denture. White Wolf Dental provides these adjustments as a complimentary service for our premium dentures and for 60 days on our classic denture. 
  • Expect some adjustment period as you heal and get used to wearing dentures.
  • Expect to clean your denture daily.
What are Immediate dentures (sometimes referred to as “Interim” dentures)?2020-08-30T15:19:47-04:00

Years and years ago, the technique for making dentures was much different than it is now. Dentists would have to extract all the teeth and wait for healing (6-8 months) and THEN make a denture that fit the healed tissue.  In this day & age, we can make whats called an Immediate or Interim denture. An impression is taken prior to extractions and a denture is made for you. The day you come in for the surgery, we extract your teeth and immediately place this denture. This way, you don’t ever have to be without teeth. Now, by doing this, means that there will be a period of time where you will have to wear adhesives or come in for soft relines in order for the denture to fit.  And eventually a new, better fitting denture will need to be made once healing is complete.  The Immediate denture is NOT required, however, most patients do not want to walk around with no teeth.

My teeth are not in good shape, if I have them pulled will I be without teeth?2020-09-02T16:25:45-04:00

No! We will always have teeth pre-made prior to your surgery day. These are custom dentures made just for you. They are more commonly called immediate dentures or “band-aid” dentures and they have a life like appearance.


  • Dentures impact food choices, softer is better.

  • Dentures take some getting used-to. It may take a few weeks to be comfortable talking and eating with your dentures.


  • Savings. White Wolf dentures are a very economical way to restore your smile.

  • Quick Results. We don’t leave you without teeth. Even on the day of your extractions, you go home with an interim denture.

  • Easy to Repair

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