Save on dental care as a Quality Dental Plan member at White Wolf Dental Group

Don’t Have Dental Insurance? No Problem!

Quality Dental Plan is a membership plan offered to our patients here at White Wolf Dental. Members enjoy reduced rates on most services, as well as included routine preventative care at no additional charge. QDP is NOT dental insurance, or a discount dental plan. The program is administered right here in our office, and allows us to offer reduced pricing and other benefits for a small annual fee. Many people put off dental care because of expense, but with White Wolf Dental and Quality Dental Plan, you can get the high quality care you need at a price you’ll love!

Frequently Asked Questions about QDP

How do I become a Member?

It’s easy! Just call or stop by our office to enroll. If you’re already coming in for an appointment,
let us know if you would like to become a member and starting saving!

Who is eligible?

Everyone is eligible: singles, families, and children. You, your spouse and your children 12 and
older can join Quality Dental Plan saving thousands of dollars. If you have a friend that might
benefit from Quality Dental Plan, please share this offer!

What benefits are covered?

  • Free simple teeth cleanings with fluoride treatments (up to two per year)
  • Free complete dental exams
  • Free x-rays once per year
  • Free teeth whitening
  • A 20% discount on most dental procedures
  • No waiting period!

Click here for a full Explanation of Membership Benefits.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Call our office at 386-882-9900 and let us know that you want to become Quality Dental Plan
member. Convenient office hours are available… just ask for the appointment time that works
best for you.

What free services are included?

With Quality Dental Plan… you will receive two free dental exams, two free teeth cleanings, free
teeth whitening, yearly x-rays and 20% discount on most dental services.

Is QDP an insurance plan?

No. Quality Dental Plan is not an insurance plan. It’s better! Quality Dental Plan is able to save
you a significant amount of money by eliminating high monthly insurance premiums. With
QDP, there are no deductibles, no claim forms… no waiting for plan eligibility! Only pay for the
services you need.

How long before my plan benefits begin?

There is no wait. Unlike some high priced insurance plans… you can use all of your Quality
Dental Plan benefits immediately. Best of all…there is no maximum on benefits and your savings
are unlimited.

Quality Dental Plan is even available to businesses!

In fact, employers can save thousands each year on health care costs by taking
advantage of Quality Dental Plan benefits. The sign-up process is extremely easy and takes
no time at all. Quality Dental Plan eliminates hassles and high administrative costs saving
companies money.

QDP for Businesses

Contact us today to become a member!