Doctor Abrahams

LANAP vs Laser Periodontal Surgery

We had a long time patient come into the office recently asking about the varying results he had read about online concerning laser gum therapy. He told us that he had searched “Laser gum surgery” on his web browser and the results were so confusing that he came to talk with us directly.

One of the most common diseases in America is gum disease. 8 in 10 Americans have some sort of gum disease, yet only 3% will ever seek any type of treatment. Signs of gums disease could include red gums, bad breath, gums that seemed to have pulled away from teeth and even loose teeth – just to name a few. Technology has given us a few options to treat gum disease that is in the later stage, including laser technology.

Not all lasers used in dentistry are the same!

There are many different types available in dentistry that can each be used for different treatments from cutting bone and teeth to removing excess gum tissues to periodontal therapy. Some dentists out there will state that they use a laser to treat GUM DISEASE, despite their particular device’s lack of research papers that confirm its ability to kill bacteria while activating healing processes in the teeth and gums.

At White Wolf Dental, we use a device called The Millennium Periolase to perform a procedure called the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP). This is the ONLY FDA approved laser-utilizing periodontal therapy that can create new attachment when there is a weak attachment to the teeth. In the dental world we call this the absence of long-junctional epithelium. This laser is the ONLY device we use at White Wolf Dental to perform LANAP on our patients.

Sounds Complicated?

It’s really simpler than you think. “Long-junctional epithelium” is a weak attachment of the gums to the teeth. We don’t want that. We want a STRONG attachment similar to the original one present when your teeth were first made. In a healthy environment, the strong attachments can be help support bone growth and healing around a tooth.

Long story short, the LANAP procedure with the specific Millennium Periolase Laser is the only FDA approved laser therapy for the regeneration and recreation of bone around teeth! That’s why it is the only procedure of its kind that White Wolf Dental offers to our patients. Ask your dentist if they have a Millennium Periolase or if they are just hoping for a good outcome!

~Dr. A