Hello All !!

Welcome to Our blog!

My name is Cristina aka CJ and I will be your guide through this blog thing!
Here I plan on discussing the fun things that we’ve done as well as
update you on whats to come! So let’s get started!

First things first, we have made some awesome changes! We are remodeling
the office little by little to keep up with the times. The progress
is coming on great! The rooms look more comfortable and patient
friendly. It’s very nice!


Have you heard we also took over the building next door and turned it into a
lab! My goodness, that was quite a project while Dr. Valenzi was away
in China enjoying a nice relaxing vacation! We went through some
trying times, but you know what, we made it. The lab looks beautiful
and we are excited to get it fully staffed to accommodate our
patients. Right now, we have Andrea, who specializes in making
dentures and repairing them. This has been so fantastic! So tell your
friends and family if they need a repair, let us know! Most can be
done in as little as hour!! I will be posting pics as soon as I
can!!! Stay tuned!


Well looks like my time is up for now. I’ll be back to discuss some more
things that White Wolf Dental is doing. If you have any questions, or
comments, or even a topic you want to discuss, leave a message and
I’ll get to it as fast as I can!


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