My goal is to stay on top of all of the latest dental trends and bring you the most advanced and useful technologies to make your dental visit quick and painless! The latest addition to my practice is the 3D X-ray. The images are so clear and will help you truly “see” your dental problems and understand any procedures you may need.

What Can You Expect?

A 3D X-ray will rotate around your head as you sit in a chair. A typical scan will take around 30 seconds and capture a precision digital detail of your full jawbone, teeth and surrounding head and neck. This detailed view will reveal any dental issues and hidden health concerns. With this new scan you will receive:

Improved dental implant planning and placement – no more touching the nerve

Early identification of general dental issues

• A clear and accurate dental plan that you can easily understand

Quick and easy scans – less than 1 minute from scan to image

Reduced radiation – 95% reduction over traditional X-rays!

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Schedule your appointment to get your true dental picture. For more information on this technology, contact our office or visit the Prexion website at