We send emails to our patients after their visits to get comments and evaluations on our performance. Getting evaluated can be scary, because who wants to hear that you’re not doing a great job? But we want to know what you think, because if there are any problems, I want to know right away.

Well, here’s the results for the first 212 responses we have gotten. I have to say I’m very proud of these numbers. 96% of our patients were seated without waiting. We try very hard to stay on time. I think compared to other medical offices we do very well. Heck that’s better than almost any business!

Almost everyone thought their financial options were explained, that they were greeted properly and 99% said they would refer a friend or family. That is the highest compliment. Our goal is to treat you as we would our family, and I guess you feel we do that.

Only 86% thought their visit was “excellent” with 13% thinking it was “very good”. I really don’t like “very good”. That feels like “damning by faint praise”, but maybe I’m being overly sensitive. Nontheless, I want every visit to stand out as way better than any other office you’ve ever been to. So I promise we will work on that!

Thank you all for taking the time to respond to the survey. I especially appreciate the comments. I’ll post some of those later.

Here’s the survey:

Survey results for December 2009