Hello all! It has been yet another day at White Wolf Dental! It is almost lunch time, and we have had just the busiest morning! We have done quite a few extractions, seen several New Patients, and even placed 4 Mini Implants!!!

If you are not familiar with mini implants, let me tell you alittle something about it!

Mini implants are smaller than conventional implants. They look like little gold posts. They are so flexible that we are to manuever them in the mouth with a little instrument. With conventional implants, you don’t have that flexibility. There has to be a certain amount of bone around, certain width, etc. With mini implants we have alittle bit more freedom. Annnnnnd, they are just so cute. Mini implants are great for replacing one or many teeth. They are especially great for those lower dentures that move around don’t have a good grip on the lower ridge. Definately something to think about!

If you’re interested, feel free to call us for a mini -implant consult…who knows, you may be a candidate!!!

Check out Dr. Valenzi’s podcast on Implants and dentures, its very informative! Just click the IMPLANTS link below!

Time for lunch!

Don’t forget to smile 😀

~C J~