Oh my goodness!! What a weekend! I have so much to write about, I don’t even know where to begin!

I have not blogged in days and let me tell you why!

This past weekend, Sept 23-25, Dr Valenzi, Dr McDonnell, Jennifer and myself went to a continuing education course in Atlanta, GA. This course discussed the changes in Protocol with our oral sedation. (Oral sedation meaning that little blue pill we give you one-hour before the appointment). This course was filled with so much information, we were excited to get back to make the necessary changes to ensure our patients are in the best care possible! So if you are one of those patients who is used to the old ways, get prepared, we switched things up a bit. We had such a great time in atlanta. We learned so much! And, at the end of the day, there was no time for sight-seeing because we were worn out! In any event, protocol has changed and so have we!

Some other exciting events happening are:

**Mini Dental Implant Seminar, Friday Oct 21st @ 10am-Dr Valenzi will be hosting an informative mini dental implant seminar to replace missing teeth or to support an ill-fitting denture. The seminar is no charge and is by appointment only. Refreshments will be served. To reserve your appointment, give us a call!

**Chili Cook off,  Saturday Nov [email protected] 11am-3pm–We will be participating in Annual Chili Cook off hosted by the Humane Society. All proceeds for this event go directly to the Human Society. Tickets in Advance: Adults $12 and children $6–tickets at the gate: Adults $15 and children $10; Come taste the chili’s and vote for us!!!!

**Free Dental Day, Sat Nov 19th–We are doing things alittle different this time around. We will be holding a drawing on the morning of the 19th. It will start at 7:30am. You MUST be present to win. To enter the drawing, please call 386-761-6800 and follow the instructions. No Qualifications and No Questions asked. This is our 9th year hosting free dental day and we love it!


We have so much going on,  keep checkin back for more updates!!!

and remember,

Don’t forget to smile 😀

~C J ~