dr_joe_valenzi_white_wolf_dental_talktothedentistWelcome to TalkToTheDentist.com. My name is Dr. Joe Valenzi and I am the founder of White Wolf Dental Group in Port Orange, Florida. My staff and I are excited to launch our new blog / podcast site and thank you for inviting us into your home.

Our mission with TalkToTheDentist.com is to provide credible dental treatment information to consumers. Future dental podcasts will range from cavities to complete restoration. We will also include regular dental blog posts, along with staff introductions and White Wolf Dental patient testimonials.

Most people have an overwhelming fear of going to the dentist. Our goal at TalkToTheDentist.com is to outline the pros and cons of dental treatments in an easy-to-understand format. We believe people can overcome dental fears once they obtain adequate information regarding the procedure.

Dental technology has advanced to the point where treatments which used to take multiple visits can now be completed in one sitting. Crowns can be made in less than an hour. Complete dentures can be placed in a day. Advances in dental treatment techniques and pain management allow patients to undergo any treatment with little to no discomfort.

We hope you find our dental podcasts informative and entertaining. While dentistry is a serious business, we feel there is always room for fun and laughter. After all there is no better way to show off your pearly whites than when you laugh.

We at White Wolf Dental want to dispel dental myths and help you better understand what options and treatments are available in dentistry today. We encourage you to subscribe to our blog through Feedburner and our podcasts through iPod. Subscribers are notified by email each time a new TalkToTheDentist.com blog post or podcast is published. White Wolf Dental Group will not contact you for any other reason.

Again, thank you for stopping by TalkToTheDentist.com. We hope you will keep us in mind whenever you have a dental question. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you would like to see published here.