CariFree offers ground-breaking anti-cavity products that produce a healthy environment for your mouth. Dr. Valenzi thoroughly researched and experimented with CariFree products prior to integrating them into his practice. The results have been outstanding.

CariFree products include: Oral Neutralizer Gel, Treatment Rinse, Maintenance Rinse, Xylitol Gum and CariFree Boost; a mouth spray to alleviate dry mouth. White Wolf Dental Group is excited to offer this outstanding line of dental care products to our patients.

Dr. Valenzi has researched and is integrating into the practice, CariFree, a new breakthrough in dentistry that helps reduce the risk of cavities ( ).

CariFree neutralizes the acid that is found in the mouth which then reduces or eliminates the harmful bacteria that causes tooth decay. The treatment kit includes: rinses, gel, mouth spray & gum; the kit is a 3 month supply. Reordering can be as simple as going online or coming into the office to purchase. Protect your dental investment, help prevent recurrent decay.